Monday, September 26, 2011

Lazy Days of Fall.

As Friday's surgery date draws closer, I find myself tiding up and preparing. We are stocking up on some supplies (aka lots of fluids we know Hayden loves to drink) and some necessities so that we don't have to venture out over the weekend. This weekend was not much different. We pretty much hunkered inside and steered clear of the rainy coolness of the fall weather here in Indy.

Staying indoors opened Pandora's box for my brain though, so I guess the weekend wasn't totally a bust. I painted my nails a gray shade since I have a newfound love for all things gray recently. The shade is called "Concrete Catwalk." Pretty catchy, huh?

Let's see, what else. Jonathan and I also talked about little "chores" the boys could do around the house. Just things we want them to get used to doing, like getting dressed, brushing their teeth, and picking up their toys. We also decided to give Riley and Hayden each an extra "special" job. Riley gets to feed the cats and Hayden gets to help us make the beds. To drum up their excitement over doing these things, I created a little chore chart for them. I wanted it to be kiddo friendly, so I created four simple tasks (with pictures) that they can check off each day when they've done their chore.
It was a big hit! The boys loved it and they ran around like mad trying to get their "chores" done so that they could check off their little circle for the evening. To make it easy I printed them on some cardstock and stuck them in 8.5"x11" frames that I happened to have laying around. That way the boys can make their check marks with a dry erase marker and we can wipe it off and start again fresh the next week. It's working out great so far. Now I just need to decide where to hang them. Any suggestions? I thought about maybe putting some magnetic strips on the back of the frames and hanging them on the refrigerator or using some of those 3M Command Strips to hang them on the wall in the laundry room. Decisions, decisions.


I'm also working on a little game for each of the boys. Something little to carry around in the car with us for when we need something to keep us preoccupied. I'll post pictures when I'm done. It's a memory game, but it also will help them remember their colors too. I'm also making them some printables that I am going to laminate to help them write their name. Basically it will be traceable, but with it being laminated we will be able to work on it over and over again without going through a million sheets of paper.

How about some Lukas news? Well, he's doing just great. He's getting so big and he's just so handsome. He has the widest, biggest smile and a giggle that could absolutely, positively melt your heart. He's such a little miracle and we love him so, so much. Riley has even finally started wanting to be near him. He will kiss him on the forehead and tickle his feet. And his baby voice that he talks to him in. Oh. My. Gosh. Swoon. I'll try to record it sometime so you all can hear it. It's precious. Just precious.

a little happy, smiley boy spam for you (please excuse the blurriness - he was moving and it was on my phone)
Well, happy Monday friends. Hope it's been a good one.

P.S. - For those of you wanting an update on baby Scarlet, her family received the call last evening. She is getting her new heart and a new chance at life. Scarlet is in surgery right now, so please pray for her and her family. Also, please take a moment to say a few kind words for the donor family who is going through grief today I cannot even imagine. Keep them both in your thoughts today friends.
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  1. The chore charts are adorable! Sounds like I missed a cozy fall weekend last weekend. I was in Houston, where it was in the 90s. I was so over the heat.


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