Friday, April 13, 2012


Yesterday was an odd kind of day. I had searched and searched for my car keys all morning before finally finding them about 15 minutes before Riley had to be at school. The kids were restless all day, as was I. After school we came home so the boys could get a snack and Lukas could get fed. As per his usual afternoon routine, Riley grabbed his pillow and blanket, a bag of Cheez Its and hung out on the couch. This is a pretty "normal" afternoon for us since Lukas and Hayden usually take their nap after everyone is home from school. 

When he's a teenager, he's going to hate me for this picture. But I couldn't help it. His facial expression was just too funny not to share. 

And don't ask me why he loves that pillow case as much as he does. If it makes my boy happy, then it makes mama happy too.


After everyone's bellies were full and happy, we decided it was a good day to go to the park. Fort Harrison has an awesome playground with this huge, tall slide. The boys begged and pleaded to go, so I decided what the heck. It was a bit chilly, so we got everyone in their appropriate attire and in the car.


Fort  Harrison State Park is really a picturesque place. Foliage, wildlife, and lots of fun things to do. There are hiking trails, wildflower fields, stables, etc. They have beautiful picnic areas too. Its really one of those rare gems in the middle of the city where we live. Its a little piece of undisturbed, undeveloped beauty and we are fortunate enough to live just minutes from its front gates. I enjoy going there. Its one of those places that just makes you feel good. Maybe its just being outdoors and away from the hustle and bustle. I don't know, but I like it.


Hayden of course loves dandelions when they are in their white, cottony state. No matter how much I explain to him that its a weed and not a flower, he still dives for the closest one he can find and waves it about as its little seeds disperse into the air. He probably sat there for close to 20 minutes just picking dandelion after dandelion. He laughed his little laugh as this sea of white cottony puffs was carried off by the wind.


Lukas just sat there in his stroller and drank it in. He'd laugh when he saw Hayden waving his arms around in the air like a crazy man and he'd watch in awe as the dandelion seeds circulated in the chilly afternoon air.



Riley doesn't care about dandelions or making their seeds dance in the breeze, so he darted for the playground without a moment of hesitation. 

That sweatshirt belonged to my nephew when they lived in Linton and its Riley's favorite. The letters are all tattered and worn, but he loves it. He wears it constantly. If its chilly enough outside to warrant a little extra warmth, its the first thing he reaches for.

And yes, the boy is tough on his jeans. Those are relatively new ones too. Sigh.


Lukas was content sitting on the park bench with me while he watched very intently as his brothers ran and played. I always wonder what they are thinking. I always wonder what's running through their mind as they watch something or someone or see something that catches their eye.

He stares so lovingly at his big brothers. Like he wants so badly to be big like them so he can join in their shenanigans.

In time little man, in time.


The playground has these two big speaker like receptacles on opposite sides where you are supposed to be able to "talk" to one another. Hayden of course thought that meant he needed to stick his entire head into it and scream as loudly as possible. 

I love this picture because its so quintessentially Hayden. His humor is just uncanny. It can put a smile on your face no matter what the day has thrown at you. The day started off a bit rough, but by the end of it I was smiling. It all just melted away when I saw my boys playing and laughing. Its the best medicine in the world.

Hope you all have a happy Friday and a beautiful weekend! No idea what we're doing, but we'll make the most of it.
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  1. Beautiful! Love all the pictures. I love Fort Harrison State Park, too. I think we found our next meet up spot. :) I haven't been forever.


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