Friday, August 12, 2011

Out with a Bang.

Summer is drawing to a close for our little family. Riley has his first day of school Monday. Its incredible to think back about all of the changes that have taken place in our family since the last time he walked through the doors of his school. His teacher, the amazing Mrs. Denney, knew what the summer was bringing. She knew about Lukas' heart condition and the fact that he would be having open heart surgery. In fact, his last day of school was a mere 8 days before Lukas' arrival. She knew I was scared, but hopeful. I can't wait to see her Monday and show her Riley's new little brother.

sleepy little brother
Its shaping up to be a busy month around these parts. Not only does Riley start school Monday, but he also has his first soccer practice Wednesday. He's pretty excited, as are we. I ordered his cleats last week and we received them on Monday, which meant that Riley had a permanent smile plastered across his face for the remainder of the day. His first game is on the 27th and I cannot wait!

Buzz Lightyear backpacks the boys picked out for themselves

soccer cleats for my little soccer star
Hayden also starts school on the 30th. Its going to be good for him and I love the school he's going to. He has a "practice" day on the 25th to meet his teacher and his classmates and get him acclimated with his classroom. 

While I'm a little sad that summer break is coming to a close, I know my big boys are going to love being in school. It will also give me some wonderful cuddle time with my little warrior. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

love how you can see Riley looking over him - and yes Riley is obsessed with his Christmas pajamas
Happy Friday friends. I hope you all have an incredible weekend and good luck to those starting school this coming week!
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  1. Glad to see Lukas is doing well! Love your photos!


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